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In order to appreciate the benefits of promotional clothing and workwear, it’s important to understand the value of identity to both parties; effectually being that of the employee and that of the customer. It is the perception from both sides that becomes the driving force to effective promotional clothing and workwear. 
When we endorse a brand or message on our clothing it becomes a part of that person’s identity and they essentially become an ambassador for that brand whether they realise it or not. Big sports and designer brands are a great example of the power of branded clothing especially with the younger generations, who will quite happily purchase expensive clothing in the hope that their image and self-worth will be catapulted into the stratosphere amongst their peers. 
It’s this desire that feeds the fashion industry and it’s extremely effective, but clothes equalling power is no ground-breaking notion. We are all familiar with the common phrases; ‘power dressing’ and ‘dress to impress' having most likely put them into practice ourselves on occasion. The power behind the clothes we wear is not in the material but in the perceptions of the people who endorse them which is essentially all of us. 
It’s no surprise then that consumers aged between 18-55 choose promotional merchandise as their favourite type of advertising with T-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies being amongst the most popular choices for promotional clothing and workwear. The history of the T-shirt being used for promotional purposes goes back decades. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was one of the first movies to use T-shirts as merchandising back in 1939. Since then T-shirt promotions have exponentially grown in demand with improved printing techniques progressively developed over the years. Whether your brand needs to sparkle, be fresh and funky or extremely debonair there’s a printing technique that’ll perfectly fit your criteria to get your brand noticed. 
The first promotional clothing on screen (Wizard of OZ -1939). 
Promotional clothing is more popular than you may realise with it taking centre stage in a variety of places such as; exhibitions, conferences, retail outlets, catering services and the trade industry. These are all places that require the wearer to stand out and be seen to either attract business enquiries or to bolster credibility and offer assurance that the company is professional. The BPMA shows us that a massive 91% of respondents use branded clothing in their business proving that it really is big business. Considering promotional clothing or workwear could potentially turn a passing first impression into an unforgettable one. So, I think you’ll agree that promotional clothing and workwear is so much more than just staff uniforms. 
(Statistics supplied by Weintraub Associates) 
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